About Our Formula

As a green chemistry company, we’re on a mission to make products healthier for people and the planet. That includes hand sanitizer, which often contains unnecessary—and sometimes harmful—chemicals. We replace those with Activated Silk™, a natural liquid silk protein that enhances skin’s barrier function and moisturizes hands with every use.

A few other things to note:

  • Because we’re chemists, consistently excellent product quality is our priority.
  • We test all of our sanitizer ingredients upon arrival, which goes well beyond FDA requirements.
  • Because we’re the manufacturer and can sell directly to you, you get a premium product with no middleman price markup.
  • We’re based in Massachusetts, and all of our hand care products are manufactured right here in our own facilities.
  • We’re not just chemists, we’re estheticians, too. So our formula isn’t just highly effective, it’s also great for skin.

Curious? Learn more about Activated Silk and what else we’re doing with green chemistry at Evolved By Nature.