What is Activated Silk™ technology and what does it do?

Activated Silk technology is a pure silk protein made from renewable cocoons and water. It’s a bioharmonious alternative to petrochemicals that’s better for people and the planet. In our moisturizing gel hand sanitizer, it replaces harsh chemicals with hydrating silk to protect the skin barrier.


How does the Helping Hands program work?

The Evolved By Nature Helping Hands effort is a zero-profit endeavor. All proceeds after production costs go back into making and donating hand sanitizer to the people who need it most, such as hospitals, food pantries, first responders and more. We’ve been able to donate to dozens of organizations so far, and all purchases support this ongoing effort.


What’s availability like?

We will be producing as much hand sanitizer as possible to keep up with demand. For the most up-to-date availability please check back to our site as we will be updating as more becomes available. And follow us on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.


Do you offer shipping or delivery?

We’re able to ship in the continental U.S. via USPS Ground. We may be able to offer limited delivery in the New England area, too. Please email support@evolvedbynature.com for more information. We also offer local pickup in Medford, Mass.


Where do I go to pick it up?

Evolved By Nature
196 Boston Avenue
Medford, MA 02155

We’ll send you all the details once we confirm your pickup time. Because we are practicing social distancing, you will be asked to stay in your car and we will bring your order out to you.


When will my order be ready for pickup?

You will be able to choose a pick-up window during checkout. If you are not able to pick up your order during the provided windows, email to let us know.


What if I can’t make my pickup time?

If you are unable to pick up your order during your selected time, email support@evolvedbynature.com or call us to arrange a different day.


Is your hand sanitizer FDA approved?

Yes, it is FDA approved. It’s made by a trained staff of scientists and engineers at Evolved By Nature’s lab and manufacturing facility.


Do you deliver or ship?

If you are unable to pick up, limited shipping or delivery may be possible in the New England area. Please email support@evolvedbynature.com for more information.


What if I want to purchase a large number of bottles for my company or organization?

If you have a large order, please contact us at support@evolvedbynature.com. We’d love to help.


Do you do retail partnerships or white-label orders?

Yes, our hand sanitizer is available for both. Please contact us at support@evolvedbynature.com  


Where do you make the hand sanitizer?

It’s made by a trained staff of scientists and engineers right here in Medford at Evolved By Nature’s lab and manufacturing facility.


What's your return policy?

Please note that due necessary health and safety precautions, all PPE products, including hand sanitizer, are final sale. These items are non-refundable and non-returnable.


Can I resell this?

No, this product is not for resale.


How do I get on the Helping Hands donation list if I’m with an organization in need?

We’re donating as much as we can to hospitals, healthcare facilities, first responders and other organizations helping on the front line. Please email our donation coordinator at donations@evolvedbynature.com and we’ll get back to you as quickly as possible.


What if I have more questions?

Please email support@evolvedbynature.com with your questions, and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.